The Quiz
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The Quiz

40th Anniversary Dinner Quiz

To provide some intellectual stimulus to the evening, Mark T posed ten questions to each table. These of course were also in theme.

The first nine were the same for all the tables and spanned the four decades. The tenth question was specific to the Year of The Table.


The Questions for Table 1986 High

The winners were Table 2004 who scored a scholarly 9 out of 10


 Ollie R of Table 2004 receives the prize of a box of chocolates from an amused Sallie P High

  1. From which French city did Concorde make its maiden flight in 1969?
  2. The UK last won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with a song called ‘Love Shine A Light’. Who sang it?
  3. The Delorean car factory was taken into receivership in 1982. In which UK city was it based?
  4. In which year did Margaret Thatcher become leader of the Conservative Party?
  5. In 2003 which character walked back into EastEnders 14 years after supposedly being killed off?
  6. Who in 1978 became the UK’s first female newsreader?
  7. The author of ‘A Room with a View’, ‘A Passage to India’ and ‘Howard’s End’ died in 1970. Who was he?
  8. In which city other than London did the 1985 Live Aid concerts take place?
  9. The SDP was formed by the ‘Gang of Four’ in 1981. Shirley Williams, Roy Jenkins and David Owen were three. Who was the fourth?
  10. (2004) Name the bay between Indonesia and Sri Lanka which the devastating Tsunami crossed on Boxing Day in your year.

The answers will be supplied shortly, so you will have to come back for those.

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